Thank you for attempting to book your adventure with us today. Everyone is anxiously awaiting for us to open our bookings page. We are putting the final touches on our experiences, and they should be ready very soon. Although we have not set a firm grand opening date, we anticipate opening some time in mid-January. All Unreal Experiences are at the rate of $30 per hour per experience, more information to follow once we announce our grand opening date.

However, you can be one of the first to advance purchase our 40% off discounted gift certificates available for purchase from now until January 1st.

You may also join our mailing list to be alerted once we announce our grand opening date.

Want to play for free? Sign up to be one of our Beta testers! In order to provide the ultimate player experience, we are accepting a limited number of players to Beta test our rooms and provide us with valuable feedback on what is needed to fine tune our games. If you want to be an Unreal Escapes Beta tester, go to our contact page and fill in all the contact fields. In the “Message Field” Type in “I would like to be a Beta tester”. All requests will be on a first come first serve basis. We only have a limited number of Beta test spots available so jump on the list quickly. Also please mention if you have ever played and escape game before, and if so how many. Don’t worry we are looking for experienced as well as first timers to round out our Beta testing.


Open Hours

Monday: 9AM - 11 PM

Tuesday: 9AM - 11 PM

Wednesday: 9AM - 11 PM

Thursday: 9AM - 11 PM

Friday: 9AM - 11 PM

Saturday: 9AM - 11 PM

Sunday: 9AM - 11 PM

Monday - Friday: 9AM - 11 PM

Saturday: 9AM - 11 PM

Sunday: 9AM - 11 PM